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The Shipping Price of EPacket Had Increased, Why Not Try out Effective CJPacket

According to the latest news, the Wish had published an official note. It notified that the ePacket was removed from its approved shipping method list, and the WishPost-EUB was recommended instead. In the meantime, the online docking between them had been completed. It means that the customers c


Top 3 shipping methods for dropshipping from China in 2018 CJ Packet Epacket USPS+

We’ve seen sales picking up at CJDropshipping these last few weeks almost as sharply as the temperature is dropping here in Southern California. Since we rolled out CJ Packet a month ago, we’ve gotten questions flooding in about CJ Packet. People have been asking us what is CJ Packet an


How to Use Video/Photo Shooting Service?

Are you still coveting videos/photos of Facebook Campaigns? You should have your unique videos/photos for publicity. Now, CJ is providing a photography service that enables you to own photos or videos for the picked product. Also, some product videos free are available here. Basically, we offer s

Photography Service

How to Use CJ Google Chrome Extension for 1688, Taobao Dropshipping and Purchasing?

Dropshipping out of Aliexpress is your smart action! You may plan to switch to 1688 and Taobao because they are much cheaper. The point is both 1688 and Taobao are Chinese site, and they do not sell out of China nor dropshipping out of China! How can you get through this situation??? _____USI

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E-Packet at Full Capacity use CJ Packet instead

Find out more about CJPacket here! Look at these HUGE POTATO SACKS! Guess what's in them? E-packets that you want to deliver to your customers on time. This is a scene our staff took at an E-Packet central sorting facility for shipments to the USA. They are at full ca


You should use CJ the USA warehouse during the High Season and Chinese New Year

Why is it important to partner up with dropshipping suppliers that have a US warehouse? According to the news yesterday 10/16/2018, President Trump plans to pull out of the global postal treaty in his latest move against China. Officials claimed that the current system allowed 40% to 70% disco


How to Source from Taobao and Find the Trending Products?

Before starting the source from Taobao, you have to know this: 1. You can not purchase anything directly, because Taobao is only available the payment by RMB or Alipay. It can not be paid by credit card or PayPal. 2. You can not ask the vendor ship to international, they do not have any experie

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CJ will treat you with Hotel, Meal and Guide if visit our Facility or Futian Market in Yiwu from Oct. 10- Nov 9, 2018

What’s New — What’s Hot — Target Your Interest — Plan Your Visit Preparing for HIGH SEASON, If you are going to play a great effort or performance at the end of 2018, you might want to come to Guangzhou for the Canton Fair. Drop shippers are sourcing from Aliexpress, eB


Shipping methods that will increase your dropshipping profit margin in 2018

We are going to reveal the No. 1 secret to a profitable dropshipping business that 7-figure dropshippers do not tell you in this article and how you can get access to it. Many drop shippers default to e-Packet when it comes to choosing a shipping method. Or rather, Aliexpress default to e-Pac


Top 10 Apparel (clothing) Dropshipping Suppliers with US and European Size

Many dropshippers have a niche in apparel. When advertised correctly, it can bring a very healthy profit margin for dropshippers. The biggest issue that dropshippers face when dealing with apparel is size and measurement. Most Dropshippers work with Chinese suppliers like CJ Dropshipping or Aliex

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Smart choice to use CJ as your Clickfunnels supplier, because CJ can combine orders and Aliexpress shipping is Fake!

CJ will combine orders for your upselling products, it will save your shipping cost also put all different products in one parcel. Many drop shippers still working with AliExpress, actually it is a retail platform it is good when you testing products or from starting. It will be less helpful once


Why CJ products is cheaper than Aliexpress, but shipping cost is higher?

1. CJ products price is cheaper since we source directly from the manufactory, sometimes place the order to the cooperated factory as well. CJ has a lot of cooperated factory because we have been in foreign trade 10+ years. Most factory knows CJ in China and would like to work with us, CJ is