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Top 10 Shipping Method for Dropshipping + Shopify or WooCommerce

When you start with drop shipping business, you will be experienced with two shipping setting. One is shipping setting on Shopify store or WooCommerce store, another one is shipping method you request your drop shipping suppliers to use. Shipping method is one of the most important factors duri


How to Start a Dropshipping Business?

Dropshipping is an extremely popular business model for new entrepreneurs, especially Gen Xers and Millennials. Because it does not need a high-level financial capacity. It cuts operational costs as well as saves your time. Therefore, you can focus all of your efforts on customer ac

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Add-on Service You May Need

For better service, CJ offers many Add-on services for you to boost your business. Those services include: 1. Winning products recommendation; 2. Video&photo shooting; 3. Customized packagings; 4. Print on Demand. 1. Winning products recommendation. We will make PDFs about winning pr

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How to Connect WooCommerce Manually?

WooCommerce is well-integrated with CJ. You can authorize your store to CJ. After it, your orders can be synced to CJ and we will fulfill your order as you like. Here are the general steps: 1. Go to authorization on CJ; 2. Click add store; 3. Fill in Site URL and keys; 4. Click "Authorize" and d

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How does name CJdropshipping come?

The "CJ" is shortened by Cute Jewelry, and our origin company name is Yiwu Cu Jia Trade Co., Ltd. We started from jewelry and then switched to dropshipping business in 2015. Yiwu Cu Jia Trade Co., Ltd. are launched in 2014 by Andy Chou in Yiwu Zhejiang 322000, China. Start your business w

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What is the Difference Between List, Connect and Source?

List, connect and source are the most common features on CJ. You can make the most of our service following the simple instructions listed below List: Like many product listing tools, the "List" feature on CJ can import the products directly to your store. The product details, including descript

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Why Does ePacket Take So Long? Where is My ePacket? What Are Alternatives to ePacket?

If you’ve been in the dropshipping business for a while, you should be all too familiar with ePacket and its unpredictable delivery time, the stagnant status on the tracking number updates, or the mysteriously missing packages. Why does ePacket take so long to deliver?! Many drop shippers are


How to Open/Close a Dispute on CJ APP?

We would like to help your business grow, and we will be responsible for each dropshipping order from CJ. Here we summarize the steps for how to open a dispute for bulk purchase orders (begin with 'ZF') and dropshipping orders. Every order will be handled strictly under Refund, Resend and Returns Po

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Why work with CJ Dropshipping and What is it offer and strength?

No Setup Fee, No Monthly Fee, No Storage Fee, No Minimum Order CJ APP is easy to use for hundreds thousand products posting, order processing US warehouse inventory and shipping, another faster shipping than ePacket Sourcing any products for your drop shipping business and free 7*24 onli

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Top 10 International Fulfillment Center or Logistics Company for dropshipping in China

Many drop shippers use the traditional method of using DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT or oversea container to send bulk orders to their overseas warehouse and then use local fulfillment centre to send orders to their customers. This is an outdated method that is not only inefficient but also ineffective. A b

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How to Work with CJdropShipping?

You may know CJ from several ways, but have no idea about what is CJ and how to work with CJ. Never mind, we will make it clear here. Find out more about shipping here! What is CJ? CJ Dropshipping is one of the best dropshipping suppliers and solutions for drops

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How to Clear Cookies?

Not all cookies are safe for munching. Here's how to clear them in your browser Cookies are small text files written by a web browser that contains information about your interaction with one specific site. They include information such as what you shoved into a virtual shopping cart, your usernam