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What to Sell on Etsy 2022? Five Promising Catalogs Recommendation| Trending Products Included

Are you ready for 2022 selling? This article brings 5 potential catalogs to sell for Etsy sellers or those who want to step into Etsy marketplace 2022. Etsy is a unique and vertical marketplace focused on handmade, vintage, or crafted items. It has been seen a dramatic increase in customer numb

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Sustainable Shopping Boom Keeps on Going! Australia Delivered 21 Million Parcels in November |eCommerce Weekly News

eCommerce News Weekly Update Vol 27. This week we prepared five eCommerce news for you to catch up with. Ⅰ. Rush the peak season| eBay online7 new promotional features Recently, eBay released a new announcement on its seller news page, stating that a new feature of Promoted Listings Advanced


3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Jewelry Dropshipping | ft. High-quality Supplier: YFN Jewelry

The very common question about dropshipping jewelry - is the market saturated? The answer is: No. So what is it that makes jewelry the ever-green niche to sell? First, you need to know some unique features of this very kind of product. #1 Small and lightweight First, jewelry is light and small


Etsy will automatically inform buyers of delivery dates! Total U.S. Online Retail Sales to Reach $886.2 Billion in 2021 | eCommerce Weekly News

eCommerce News Weekly Update Vol 26. This week we prepared five eCommerce news for you to catch up with. 1. Total U.S. Online Retail Sales to Reach $886.2 Billion in 2021 Last year, the epidemic changed the retail landscape, and now, as changes in the industry accelerate, research shows that:


Best 10 Potential Products to Sell in December| Seasonal & Gift Ideas

Soon we are heading to the last month of this year. For people who live in colder places, their interest in something about “warm” or “heated” is on the rise again. During winter days, seasonal products with heated functions always attract customers' eyes. Source from G

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WooCommerce Reviews 2021 - 5 Facts You Should Know Before Starting & Plugin Recommendations

Back to 6 months earlier, as part of a new expansion of its e-commerce business, Google rolled out another new integration plan with WooCommerce. The new approach was aimed at making WooCommer's 4.4 million sellers easier to integrate their listings on Google's search page — like uploading p

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Top 10 Mistakes New Importers Make When Importing from China

There are some common mistakes that might be ignored easily the first time when importing products from China suppliers. To be well-armed and then save your cost as much as possible, here this blog concluded top 10 common mistakes from 4 aspects that newbies make when importing from China. No


Black Friday Shoppers Grow at 9%? eBay Partners with Inpost to Speed up Delivery | eCommerce Weekly News

eCommerce News Weekly Update Vol 25. This week we prepared five eCommerce news for you to catch up with. 1. eBay partners with Inpost to speed up delivery In recent news, eBay has partnered with Inpost to provide sellers with more convenient delivery options. The partnership marks InPost's cont


Is Etsy Legit? Etsy Review 2021 - Is It Worth Selling?

Etsy is a popular online marketplace both because it is a one-stop place for arts and aesthetics and because it's incredibly user-friendly thanks to all the perks it offers. The platform is evolving every day, yet it also questions whether or not selling on Etsy is worth it. But before we get to

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Is Dropshipping Dead in 2022? | The Future of eCommerce: Wholesale Dropshipping

We’ve seen a spike in the eCommerce business in 2020 because the bricks-and-mortar business collapsed under the worldwide pandemic COVID-19. Dropshipping, as an increasing eCommerce business model also see a surge from April 2020. But from Feb. 2021, the growth of dropshipping business slowdow

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Another Increase in USPS Shipping Rates in the US? $360 Million Spent on Animal Gifts in Australia | eCommerce Weekly News

eCommerce News Weekly Update Vol 24. This week we prepared five eCommerce news for you to catch up with. 1. Pet product’s peak season, with $360 million spent on animal gifts in Australia Nearly a third of consumers are planning to buy Christmas gifts for their pets, according to new researc


Why You Need to Prepare Your Dropshipping Business for Chinese New Year 2022? | Top 3 Tips on Avoiding the Impact of CNY

The Chinese New Year of 2022 will start at the end of January, so why blog about it in November? You may ask. If you think now is too early for this topic, then you have no idea how effective this traditional festival could be for your business. In this article, we are going to talk about this tra