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9 Popular Dropshipping Supplier Websites

9 Popular Dropshipping Supplier Websites
CJOct. 26, 2020 09:53:416937

Are you new to dropshipping in this field, attracted by the low start-up cost but don't know where to find a reliable supplier? As we know, there are too many dropshipping supplier websites; some are free, some with high monthly subscription fees, even lifetime subscription commitment. Is it true that high expend websites are more valuable, but free ones are just a piece of garbage? This article will discuss eight popular dropshipping supplier websites with honest and just reviews as an excellent reference to choose for your supplier.


1. CJ Dropshipping- You sell, we source and ship for you!

CJ Dropshipping is a free order fulfillment platform since 2014 started with jewelry until now all kinds of categories products worldwide. CJ can connect with the most commonly used dropshipping platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce, eBay in a total of six platforms. Your orders will sync to CJ and CJ will purchase it from the supplier and do the quality check then ship them to customers. CJ has more than 260,000 products, and if you can't find the product you are looking for in the search bar, you could post a sourcing request for it and CJ will source it for you. CJ also offers custom package service and print on demand feature to help you to build your brand. CJ offers 24/7 custom service, assigns personal agent, have overseas warehouses in the main countries and offers 7-15 days fast shipping worldwide. Well, with all these benefits, it still can't change the fact that CJ's products are mainly based in China and will be shipped from China. This can be a double-edged sword, though. CJ has eight worldwide warehouses and can focus on order processing, leading to other pros like pre-inventory for trending products, quality check for each product, customize package and POD service, etc. Think about that maybe parcels are shipped from China wasn't too bad.




2. NicheDropshipping- Drop Shipping from China Made Easy.

NicheDropshipping is a sourcing agent based dropshipping supplier, you don't need to have any product sourcing experience, their on-demand dropshipping services will support you all the way from product sourcing to order fulfillment. It is an all-in-one solution for dropshipping, they provide product sourcing, brand packaging, private labeling, integrations, fulfillment service, and inventory storage. They are like AliExpress + Oberlo for dropshipping from China. And it is very easy to use, All you need to do is send us your product list, they do product sourcing, purchasing from factories, quality checking, insert brand card, customized packaging, and order fulfillment. All these processes can be done within just one or a few clicks.



3. Aliexpress- Smarter Shopping, Better Living!

AliExpress is the most commonly used and free wholesale and dropshipping platform. It offers millions of products from different suppliers, which you can review the sales and rates. The prices in AliExpress with the shipping cost are extremely low, will bring quite a profitable margin. Most of the suppliers are from China, and each supplier will have its shipping options to choose from for different destinations. The comment shipping option is free Aliexpress standard shipping, but be careful about the shipping time and the destination's availability. Sometimes the seller you select may not available for the free Aliexpress standard shipping or can't reach the destination country. And if your customer place orders contain products from a different supplier, they will get several parcels. Even though you will receive other packages from various sellers and may be different arrival times, the number of products in Aliexpress still is unparalleled. Still, the extremely low price and unbeatable product amount might make you ignore the cons.




4. Printify- Create And Sell Custom Products

Printify is an integration print on demand suppliers' websites. If you're an artist or graphic designer who runs an online store, Printify will be your ideal choice. Printify doesn't produce products. Orders will be completed by third-party suppliers, mainly in the USA and EU, so you can choose the supplier you want. And most of the POD companies require a large MOQ, and Printify has low MOQ options or even no MOQ. Printify has all kinds of POD products and offers a detailed custom design section. The free plan available and paid plan start with 29$ per month, but the free plan can pretty much cover it for this web. Let's classify it as the free one.




Now we are going to talk about the paid dropshipping websites.


5. Spocket- Discover Top Dropshipping Suppliers of Original US/EU Products.

Spocket is a dropshipping app that mainly fulfills orders for both Shopify and WooCommerce stores. It has tens of thousands of products on its website, and 70% of suppliers are located in the US or Europe. And Spocket doesn't offer international shipping, limited products ship from local to local, which will reduce excessive transportation time. If you target the US and EU market, Spocket will be a great option as a supplier. It also offers a sample order feature that allows you to test the product's quality. However, you can't direct contact with suppliers and Spocket doesn't have a customize package feature. And this app isn't free, the lowest monthly subscription fee is 19$ after a 14-days free trial and most of the trending products can be seen need to upgrade monthly plan to 49$ or even 99$.



6. Salehoo- Find high-profit products and low-cost suppliers so you can make big money selling online!

In 2004, Salehoo started with wholesale, then slowly became wholesale and dropshipping both supplier directory. It includes suppliers in a variety of niches that serve the United States, UK and Australia. If the product you have in mind is in a unique niche or the newest trending product, you might not find it on Salehoo. You will find most products in fashion and jewelry, gadgets, makeup items, sporting goods, and a few others on their site. However, they will directly show the supplier contact info, delivery charges, product ranges, minimum order quantity, and what kind of customer service the supplier will provide. With all this information, you can easily have a rough idea about the return and refund policy your website could offer. Signing up for SaleHoo costs $67 (per year) and has a 60-day money-back guarantee.





7. Inventory Source- Dropship Automation Software & Integrated Supplier Network

Inventory Source is dropshipping automation software with an integrated supplier network. You can list products with all the information, like inventory to your website. Your orders from dropshipping platforms like Shopify, eBay, Amazon will sync orders to their platform and fulfill it for you. Nevertheless, the full automation plan is 150$ per month. And the inventory automation plan still needs 99$ per month. With the features Inventory Source offer, their monthly subscription is way too expensive, really don't worth the deal. Don't recommend it.




8. Doba- Drop Shipping. Simplified.

Unlike most supplier websites either running their marketplace or combining their selected dropshipping and wholesale suppliers, Doba has it all. Doba is a US-based dropshipping website and it works well with eBay, Esty and Amazon. However, it's a US-based website with local stock and fast shipment; these pro points but narrow down the users' group. Since the supplier directly prices Doba's products, the prices may not be competitive, sometimes may even be similar or slightly higher than Amazon or eBay these marketplace platforms. The basic plan started with 29$ per month with 30 days of the free trial.



9. Worldwide Brands – Real Dropshippers. Real Wholesalers. Real Easy

Worldwide Brands is a dropshipping and wholesale both directory that has been around for 20 years. Their website is quite old fashion way, make people wandering is this company still works. Surprisingly, they do have their mobile app for both IOS and Android. Most of their verified suppliers are located in the USA and Canada. If you're targeting these two markets and looking for local stock, it might be your options. You can choose from dropshipping products from suppliers once you receive orders, or you could purchase bulk orders to your facility to make retail or dropshipping. Both are available options for Worldwide Brands. However, it will charge you a lifetime membership for $224. The lifetime membership price with list product amount compares with Salehoo still justifiable. Still, it's a big expend in the beginning stage, need to think over.




Until now, you should already have your opinion about all these dropshipping supplier websites. These free dropshipping websites mainly have more products and shipped from China, Aliexpress doesn't have an automated order fulfillment service. And the charged dropshipping websites price may vary and product category and quantity will be limited. Still, they all having automated order fulfillment services and products mainly shipped from the US or EU.