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Detailed Guide on How to Collaborate with CJ Dropshipping to Scale Your Online Business

Detailed Guide on How to Collaborate with CJ Dropshipping to Scale Your Online Business
CJ2021-03-30 17:49:52796

This article will summarize how dropshipppers could use CJ Dropshipping to improve their dropshipping experiences and scale their businesses. Please follow the article to start.


Note: there is a detailed guidebook for your download at the end of the article, please don't miss it.



1. How CJ works/The workflow of CJ/The overview of CJ


2. Get started









-Global Source

-Google Extension


3. Order fulfillment

-Place Orders

-Shipping and Delivery


-Tracking Orders



4. Value-added services

            -Print on Demand

            -Fulfillment Service

            -Private Inventory

            -Customer Packaging

            -Video & Photo Shooting

Note: we have offered a detailed guidebook for your download at the end of the article, don't miss out on it.


How CJ works/The workflow of CJ

CJ Dropshipping is one of the best dropshipping suppliers and solutions for dropshippers. It can be considered as a combination of Oberlo and AliExpress. You can connect your WeD2C, Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, Lazada, Shopee store, and use CJ automatically order processing system.  


It is also a comprehensive platform to help every dropshippers from start to success, including product sourcing, warehousing, order processing, and shipping, literally every aspect involved.


To make it more clear, we create a simple flowchart to cover the main steps:


Read MoreThe Overview of CJ



Get started


The advantages of authorizing your online stores to CJ:

1. Easily post sourcing request regarding the existing items in your store; 

2. Connect the items in your store to your sourcing results on CJ;

3. Automatically synchronize your orders to CJ for processing.  


Steps for store authorization:

1. Log in to your CJ account, and find the "My CJ" on the navigation bar and click it.

2. Then find and click "Authorization".

3. Choose the platform you want to connect with CJ.





What is a sourcing request?

If you couldn't find the goods you want through CJ searching engine, you can post a sourcing list. Sourcing offers a solution when you do not find your preferred products on the CJ platform. After you post a sourcing request, we will try to add the product to the platform. Then you can list it to your store for sale. 


Steps to post a sourcing request to CJ:

a. Click "Sourcing" on the home page;

b. Click "Post Sourcing Requeston the top right corner;

c. Store Existing Products/Individual Products;

d. Enter the necessary information > Submit;

e. Check the request.


Note: CJ has new feature of sourcing by image

Read More: How to Search or Source a Product by Image on CJ?




Steps to list CJ products to your stores:

Find products on the CJ platform;

Click the product to enter the product page;

List the product to your store;

Enter the required information > List it now;

Edit Before Listing > Enter the information in every section > List it now;

Check it in Connection/Listed and your store. 


Note: If you fail to list the products from CJ, please click here to know more:

Why Listing to eBay Store Fails and What Should I Do?




CJ production connection:

CJ Product connection allows data to flow from CJ to your store so that your products are published with the description and other essential information. And you can easily skip the step of revising the product listed in your store. Here are 2 ways to connect your products with CJ: 

1. Automatic Connection

2. Sourcing Connection


Steps to connect your products with CJ:

a. Products > Connection > Add automatic connection;

b. Sync the store > Search the products in your store > Click search image/match/enter SKU directly > Pin the product when the product shows up > Click connect;

c. Select the variants and connect;

d. Products > Connection to check the connection.


Note: please ensure the connection is correct, or they can affect your later orders as customers get the wrong goods.


More to view for Bundle Production Connection


Steps to sync inventory:

Here are 2 methods to sync the inventory:

a. Go to "My CJ" > Authorization, and enable "Inventory Sync;"

b. Go to "My CJ" > Products > Connection, and enable "CJ Fulfillment."


Steps to manage your inventory:

a. List and find the product in your store;

b. On CJ, click "View it on store" when you list it successfully;

c. On Shopify, click "All Product" to find the product;  

d. Select the variants to edit;

e. Go to inventory > Inventory managed by > choose "CJdropshipping;" 

f. Click "Save" to complete it.




Email verification:

For security reasons, your email address needs to be verified. After registration, you will receive a verification link, in which you can click the “Activate Email” button to verify your email address. Or you can choose to provide a 6-digit verification code that will be sent to your email box.


Function of points rewards:

When placing orders on CJdropshipping, you can get a certain amount of points proportional to your sales amount. For example, if your sales amount is 1000 dollars, you can get 100 points which will show in your CJ dashboard. You can use them to exchange certain services that you can use when coming to or planning to travel to China.

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Free of charge:

1. Setup fee/Monthly fee.

7.Order synchronization and creation.

2. Sourcing request

8. Order tracking and notification.

3. Product listing and connection

9. Quality check for products from CJ.

4. Product photos and videos.

10. Global warehouses.

5.Product recommendations (report). 

11. 24/7 customer service.

6. Storage for CJ products.

12. Free courses about dropshipping.



1. Your private inventory.

2. Processing fees for fulfillment service.

3. Request for more sourcing limits.

4. Videos and images shooting service.

5. Custom packaging.








If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us in two ways, submitting a ticket or entering the chat room. Generally, you can contact your agent for anything. Go to your profile page and find your agent's contact button or entering the chat room from CJ's website.




How to split overweight orders on CJ app?

a. Dropshipping Center > Imported Orders > click the split sign;

b. Edit the number/Click "+" or "-" to change the quantity and weight.


How to combine orders on CJ for the same receiver?

a. Select the orders you want to combine;

b. Check order information carefully;

c. Check it in Imported Orders.


Read More: Combine Orders on CJ



Global Source:

Global supplier warehouses:

There are 29 Warehouses in China, Thailand, the US, Germany, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, Canada, Mexico, India, Brazil, Russia, Britain, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Czechia, Uganda, Romania, Pakistan, Vietnam, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Spain, Italy, Chile, and New Zealand.


Products in CJ supplier warehouse are free-shipping and delivered in one week. They are packed with local shipping labels, which can avoid related label issues. Besides, you can choose high-value products and oversized products, too.