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Useful Email Templates

Useful Email Templates
CJOct. 26, 2020 13:15:491375

For new E-commerce store owners, you may be confused about Email Templates. Here we offer some basic email templates for reference. Here are the main Email templates.


1. Basic Email template.  

2. Cancel orders after dispatch. 

3. Already delivered.

4. Lost in transit.  

5. Shipping delay.  


There are details for you.


1. Basic Email template.

It is for customer support. By this, you can build a well-connection between you and your customers.




2. Cancel orders after dispatch.

It definitely will cost lost if clients canceled orders after dispatch. Because we have cost on shipping, products, and working time. Therefore, we are supposed to reduce losses.


3. Already delivered.

Sometimes, customers may track orders from you even after the package has been delivered. For this, we can suggest them to check the nearest post office.


4. Lost in transit.

"Lost in transit" is an unfortunate situation for you and clients. For the client's interest, we are supposed to resend as soon as possible.




5. Shipping delay.

Shipping delay happens all the time. It is skillful to deal with the issue. If the customer is angry, just apologize and provide them with compensation for waiting time. 5 - 10 refund (any currency you operate) or voucher for your store. If the customer is just asking where their parcel is, simply explain when it was sent and apologize for any delay.


That's some common customer service templates. For more templates, please download the PDF. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.