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How Can I Start Dropshipping Quickly in 2021? This Site Saves You Tons of Time on Researching

How Can I Start Dropshipping Quickly in 2021? This Site Saves You Tons of Time on Researching
CJJan. 29, 2021 10:11:181241



Want to start a dropshipping business but don’t know how to start?


Got no sales after running your online store for weeks, or even months?


Don’t know how to grow your business into 7-figure?


CJdropshipping just launched a program that will benefit most dropshipping beginners. This program aims to help beginners build and grow their dropshipping with less effort and in a shorter time. We can also call it Quick Start Plan.


The plan includes two parts, one is a quick search site for most if not all of the handy tools and sites for store creating, content making, social media account analysis, and all like these, which help a lot in creating and running a dropshipping business; another is the mentorship program.


Quick Search Site-Dictionary



Now the quick search site is called Dictionary, which means you can quickly find what you need. The site divides the tools/apps/sites into 9 categories:


1. Choose a Platform to Create Your Store

2. Where to Find Winning Products

3. Choose a Supplier

4. How to Create a Store: Website Builder, Logo Maker, Content Generator, Picture Processing, Payment Methods, as well as Product & Order Manager.

5. How to Marketing, this step includes 5 parts: Advertising Tools, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing.

6. SEO Tools: Keywords, Data Analytics, External Link, and Reviews.

7. Shipment Tracking: Shipment Tracking Sites and Shipment Tracking Apps.

8. Print on Demand sites.

9. Trademarks and patents.




Mentorship Program



The mentorship program was launched to connect resources to provide a platform where everyone gets to share and learn more about this ever-evolving global eCommerce industry. The main goal of the program is to teach people around the world how to start and scale up their dropshipping business. CJ team is dedicated to trying to unite mentors of all kinds and of different languages, and of multiple services to provide a full-scale learning experience for dropshippers.


You are expected to become a master on

  * Store building

  * Product research

  * Product content creating

  * Marketing

  * Customer service

  And more!


Many premium tutors in the industry like Mordechai (CEO of Ecomhunt), The Ecom King have been invited to join the program, as well as many leading mentors from different areas and countries. The mentor group is growing.


The platform is to assist you and your dropshipping journey in many ways possible, so feel free to contact the CJ team if you ever come across any problems, CJ team is more than happy to listen to your needs.


And if you want to be a mentor on the site, kindly contact Park and Fuyi from the CJ business collaboration department: