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Will CMA CGM Stop all Spot Freight Rate Increases? Shopee Wants to Make Another TikTok? Does it Work? | Dropshpping Weekly News

Will CMA CGM Stop all Spot Freight Rate Increases? Shopee Wants to Make Another TikTok? Does it Work? | Dropshpping Weekly News
CJSep. 15, 2021 04:13:57964


Dropshipping News Weekly Update Vol.16. Here are five pieces of dropshipping news for you to catch up with.


1. The first Sino-British all-cargo charter flight, JDs international logistics layout is further upgraded

On September 8, JD officially opened the Hefei-London route, which marked the official launch of JD International Logistics’ first scheduled charter flight between China and the European continent. Before this, JD International Logistics successively opened Shenzhen-Bangkok, Nanjing-Los Angeles, and Shanghai-New York routes, deployed its first all-cargo charter flight in the Asia-Pacific region, and deployed two cargo charter flights between China and the Americas. The launch of the first scheduled charter flight route between China and Europe this time further upgrades its global charter flight route network.


2. Shopee will push the short video application to benchmark TikTok

On September 11, it was reported that Shopee, an e-commerce company under SeaLimited, would launch a short video application in the Southeast Asian market, directly targeting ByteDance's TikTok. It is understood that this project has a high priority and ample budget, and its new team includes many former ByteDance international members.


SeaLimited is a leading Internet company in Southeast Asia, known in the industry as the "Small Tencent in Southeast Asia". The company's core businesses include game business Garena, e-commerce business Shopee, and electronic payment business AirPay.


3. eBay updated the SpeedPak logistics management policy, efficient customs clearance, and shortened delivery time

The eBay platform announced that eBay will update the SpeedPAK logistics management policy based on the original logistics requirements. For direct mail products sold by sellers to Germany, Italy, and Spain with a unit price of more than 150 Euros (excluding freight), the policy will require sellers to provide 100% of the SpeedPAK EU DDU logistics option or express logistics option, and the actual use the SpeedPAK standard service that matching logistics options or express logistics service that meets policy requirements. The policy assessment will officially take effect on September 12, 2021 (trading day).


4. CMA CGM announced that it has decided to stop all spot freight rate increases

CMA CGM announced that it would stop all spot freight rate increases. This policy has taken effect from September 9, 2021, until February 1, 2022. Since the beginning of 2021, due to the congestion of ports, the effective capacity of sea container transportation has been unable to meet the demand and the spot freight rate of container shipping has continued to rise. Facing the unprecedented severe situation in the shipping industry, CMA CGM Group gave priority to the long-term relationship with customers and launched this move. Although the market-driven increase in freight rates will continue in the coming months, the group has decided to suspend the further increase in spot freight rates for all its services.


5. DHL announced that it would levy a US peak season surcharge from October 3

DHL eCommerce announced that it would impose a peak season surcharge for package shipments in the United States. Depending on package size, transportation distance, and delivery time, it will charge each package from 20 cents to 5 dollars. The surcharge will be collected from October 3 to the end of Christmas. At that time, a surcharge of 20 cents per piece will be charged for all shipments in 48 states that weigh less than 1 pound. For goods to and from non-contiguous areas of the United States (such as Alaska and Hawaii), the surcharge will be 30 cents.


In addition, DHL eCommerce will impose a 29-cent surcharge on all packages weighing between 1 and 25 pounds in the contiguous United States, and the delivery time is 2-3 days or 2-5 days. For services in non-contiguous areas, the surcharge will be from 75 cents to 5 dollars per piece depending on the specific weight.



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