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Russia-Ukraine "ripple effect" may push up shipping costs again? Transport disrupted in several European countries | Weekly News

Russia-Ukraine "ripple effect" may push up shipping costs again? Transport disrupted in several European countries | Weekly News
CJMar. 23, 2022 03:01:03881

eCommerce News Weekly Update Vol 40.


This week we prepared five eCommerce news for you to catch up with.



eBay UK's top-selling products for 2021, with the fashion category the most profitable

To better understand the shopping preferences of UK consumers, Wholesale Clearance recently conducted a survey of the best-selling categories and products on the eBay platform in 2021.


Based on sales, the top-selling products on eBay are fabrics, DVDs, women's clothing, bicycles, tablets, watches, men's T-shirts, coins, phone cases, and hand sanitizer.


Based on sales, the top 10 best-selling products were watches, bicycles, fabrics, tables, women's clothing, dumbbells, women's boots, DVDs, headphones, and men's T-shirts.


Of these, watches were the largest source of revenue for eBay sellers, with around 5.7 million products sold between 2021 and February 2022, generating total sales of 249 400 million pounds. Approximately 6 million women's clothing sales were sold, with total sales of £84.2 million.


Russia-Ukraine "ripple effect" may push up shipping costs again

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine issue has had a significant impact on cross-border cargo transport, with UNCTAD saying that the conflict between Russia and Europe could lead to 1.5 million containers being diverted by rail between Asia and Europe, further pushing up freight rates.


It is understood that since the Russia-Ukraine conflict, export dwell times at European ports have increased by 25 percent, and dwell times for transshipment cargo have increased even more, by 43 percent.


In addition to the potential diversion of existing land cargo, air freight has also seen a rise as several routes have opted to be detoured or even canceled, forcing airlines to increase rates related to inter-Eurasian traffic.



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Transport disrupted as truckers go on strike in several European countries

According to foreign media sources, truck drivers in several European countries have recently held strikes as they protest against the rising price of oil, and Spanish truck drivers have now begun an indefinite nationwide strike to protest against rising oil prices and their poor working conditions.


Their actions have disrupted the distribution of goods to major ports and blocked motorways, seriously affecting the distribution of shops and the transport of goods in most parts of Spain.


According to sources, transport is essential to all economic activities in the country and trucks are the key to global transport, without them, there would be no ships.


The latest trends in US beauty care products

Recently, the NPD Group released data on consumer skincare trends in the US.


Before the epidemic, people were more interested in skincare brands with natural ingredients. The data shows that since the epidemic, consumer attention is shifting towards clinical brands created by doctors, chemists, pharmacists, or aestheticians, as well as those with multi-purpose and powerful ingredients.


This trend is reflected in social media, where Skinimalism has become a trending topic on Tik Tok, gaining over 2 million hashtags.


Amazon warehouse staff on strike again as sellers struggle to ship

According to foreign media news, on March 16, the United States of America, New York City, and Washington, D.C., three Amazon warehouse workers were on strike, they demanded that Amazon raise wages and restore the original rest time.


This time, not the first time Amazon workers were on strike. Last year's Black Friday, early March this year in Amazon multi-site have appeared similar things.


Although this strike occurred in the smallest type of Amazon warehouse, on the last few occurrences of the strike, or to a certain extent, the impact of the warehouse goods involved in the warehouse and the entire flow of the process.