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About Dropshipping


What is the dropshipping business model?

What is the dropshipping business model?
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What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead directly transfers End Customer orders and shipment details to the Supplier, who then ships the goods directly to the End Customer. The Vendors make their profit on the difference between the Supplier and Sale price paid by the Supplier to the Vendor.


As you are doing dropshipping products on Shopify & WooCommerce & eBay & Lazada & Shopee & Amazon etc., it will be better if you work with only one dropshipping partner that will take care of everything about products and fulfillment line.


You need to find a supplier like CJDropShipping.com helping you!


Dropshipping Flow

Dropshipping Flow


Here is how Shopify & WordPress & WooCommerce & eBay & Amazon etc. shipping works:

1. You can list or download our product data from CJ APP and list them to Shopify & WordPress & WooCommerce & eBay & Amazon & Your Custom Website and promote them without first purchasing it.

2. When the item sells, you collect the selling price (retail) and the shipping cost from your customer.

3. Then you send the wholesale (lower) price + the shipping and handling fee to us.

4. We ship the items to your customer and sync the shipping or tracking information to your online stores.

5. Your profit is the difference between the retail and the wholesale price, and no inventory.


Why do you need to use dropshipping?

The traditional e-commerce business headache is inventory. As we all know, when we are marketing a category, the products that will come to a lot of sales only from few products, you might list hundreds of products to your store, but only several products get sales. And you have to get them stocked in your warehouse even there comes not sales. Since there is a minimum order quantity on Alibaba when you get products to your warehouse. Mostly, that inventory will eat your margin, and also you need to pay a salary to your warehouse workers. Whatmore, you spend a lot of time on products and inventory.


Now things changed, as a business runner, every person should focus on their strength. Chinese people are good at production and shipping. Europe or American people are good at marketing. Then it comes to dropshipping, it makes every resource a good match, saves waste. MOQ will be disappeared since drop shipping makes no MOQ, dropshipping supplier can supply the products to the different sellers so it will reach the MOQ. Marketing can also save time, and spend more time on marketing and brand building. Dropshipping supplier normally charges very few which will be less than that work by yourself.


Some people are complaining dropshipping is a lie?

Actually, the people who say this is the one that gives up, they are thinking drop shipping should be easy as a baby playing, but nothing is easy to be a success.


Do you want to see how many drop shipping orders we processed for Shopify or WooCommerce sellers daily? Dropshipping is still growing. You think it is a lie because you did not find a good supplier to support your business. The Dropshipping business itself is a good model since the shipping method is the key point. Solve the shipping issue will make dropshipping bright! Lucky we have our USA warehouse to solve this issue! The loser says it is a lie, the winners are hardworking until late at night, and have no time to talk about this topic.


Why is dropshipping still very hot?

We are dropshipping company only a few years like starting, we start with only several orders daily, and then hundreds, then thousands, and now we process hundreds of thousands of orders daily. We start from Jewelry, then Baby Related, Home related, then Electronic, TV-related, then Clothing, then Art Craft. Some drop shippers gave up because of Facebook Ads changed and they cannot adopt it, and most of them insisted to do this, and they are becoming bigger and bigger international eCommerce company and have several brands. We are also growing from 1 people to a 100+ people team, and soon, we will be a 300+ people team. We are growing because more and bigger drop shipper, they succeed, then we succeed.


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