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CJDropshipping is Helping Dropshippers Who Want to Scale Up Selling to USA in Q4

CJDropshipping is Helping Dropshippers Who Want to Scale Up Selling to USA in Q4
CJOct. 09, 2019 07:50:202732

The goal of any dropshipper is to effectively scale up the selling as revenue grows, especially during the high traffic period such as the holiday. However, scaling your operations can present rare opportunities as well as some unique challenges.


Have you ever taken into consideration the following questions before you plan to scale up your online business? Can your company handle the increased fulfillment duties once the business is scaled up?


Do you have enough sourcing of goods to expand your business facing the outpouring orders? Can you still provide quality customer service when reaching your expected growth?


These questions must be thought outside the box before scale up selling. While increasing the customer base and product catalogs, maintaining customer service at a high level is also very important.


How can we deal with the high pressures on the fulfillment team by packaging and shipping in a quicker manner?


Get CJDropshipping for help in the following three aspects!


1.The Stability of Your Facebook Ads Account


For many companies ready to scale, dropshipping can effectively grow your product assortment without an increase in overhead costs. People engaged in dropshipping all know that Facebook ads are an effective way to attract traffic for your online stores.


I believe most of you have ever encountered such problems like your Facebook or PayPal account is closed for no reason or obscure reasons sometimes. So annoying! Why? Actually, it is related to the information on the express sheet.


Most products delivered from China to the United States are labeled that the source of supply is from China, which may violate the regulation or policy of Facebook or PayPal. But once you choose the logistics method of USPS, the problem can be readily solved.


2. The Heavily Discounted Price of Shipping


For dropshippers, Shipping can be the most time-consuming, and energy-draining for running an online store especially when your business is scaling up. We hear all the time from dropshippers who have questions about shipping methods, tracking packages, and so on.


CJDropshipping can help you increase your revenue while scaling up by providing a considerable discount for your delivery and decreasing the shipping cost.


Given the growing popularity of Chinese commodities in the United States, we facilitate the shipping of packages to the US and we are happy to offer our customers incredibly cost-effective shipping rates. CJDropshipping can help you get a great deal on shipping packages to the US by allowing you to use a shipping calculator.


We have services to the US with USPS and so on. Focus on the USPS and USPS+ today.


Shipping from China Warehouse and 10-30% OFF with USPS Shipping Shipping from US Warehouse and 10-30% OFF with USPS+ Shipping




Tips about USPS+


USPS+ is the method CJ uses to send out US packages for customers who choose to store inventory in our US warehouse).


Price: $2.00 – $2.50 more per order (this includes the bulk shipment fee from China to US)Delivery time: 2-5 days. Delivery rate: 2-5 days is 99% Countries available: USA Rate of undelivered packages: 0.01%


If you decide to store your inventory in our US warehouses, we process your order the next day via USPS, and as you can see, on the 5th Day, we are looking at 99.9% delivery rate.


Most importantly, we don’t charge any warehouse fee, storage fee, or whatever fee, the only price we charge is the deposit (which will be returned back to you when the inventory depletes to $0), the price of the product + USPS+ shipping fee.


– Store your inventory by putting 30% down as a deposit. We will arrange for a bulk shipment to ship your inventory to our US warehouse.


When the inventory information is uploaded to your CJ platform, you can start placing orders which will be delivered in 2-5 days by USPS+.  The 30% deposit will be 100% returned back to you when your inventory depletes to $0. 


The only reason why we charge this is because we want to make sure you are serious about selling the product and not just staging it in our warehouse to collect spider webs for Halloween…


– You can choose to put 100% down on the inventory and the inventory value per SKU can be decreased to $1,000.


If you choose this route, ask your CJ agent to see if they can give you some discounts on shipping. Same arrangement for the bulk shipments to come to our US warehouse, and we will process your orders the next day in the US and have it delivered to your customers’ hands in 2-5 days.


3. The Sourcing of Trendy and Winning Products


CJ can source quality products for your dropshipping business. The subscription to products is available and POD services are provided for you to satisfy customers’ needs. One-click through the https://newapp.cjdropshipping.com/can help you with product posting and order processing.


Real-time hot selling product updating can be achieved which enables you to keep pace with fashion trends and increase product sales. With around hundreds of cooperated factories and US warehouses, you can deliver a large variety of products to your customers at a lower price without warehousing them. All these services can help you scale up your dropshipping business.


There is no doubt that CJ is your Man Friday facing the upcoming peak season. Try Now!


CJPacket available countries are below:https://app.cjdropshipping.com/calculation.html


*Note: The fastest shipping method is USPS+, a US domestic shipping method