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How to Become An Affiliate for The Best Dropshipping Supplier on The Market

How to Become An Affiliate for The Best Dropshipping Supplier on The Market
CJSep. 11, 2018 22:16:382488
Becoming an affiliate for a well-established company can be a highly effective method of generating income. This is however dependent on partnering with the right company, as research has shown that only 5% of affiliates receive a monthly paycheck. In the current market, dropshipping is a popular choice for entrepreneurs, and their suppliers will, therefore have a constant demand for their services. So, how does one go about becoming an affiliate for a leading dropshipping supplier?
What companies look for in affiliates 
When selecting affiliates, companies look for a number of things they believe will add value to the marketing of their company. A large social media following can be an effective method of marketing a brand. A name mentioned in one post can lead to millions of views, and companies understand that each view increases the probability of a potential customer stumbling upon their brand. People who were loyal to the brand before becoming affiliates are often favored, as their interest in the brand is seen as genuine by customers and not 'bought' by the corporations. Leaders of the dropshipping market, or indeed of any field, will consider only noteworthy applicants who have achieved something in the respective field, and to receive an offer to be an affiliate from one of these companies is considered an honor. 
When applying specifically to become an affiliate for a dropshipping supplier, certain advantages will be key to the acceptance of your application. Having your own well-established website related to one or more of the products offered by the supplier shows that you are a suitable ambassador for their goods, as you are clued up on and interested in the relevant market. Some companies will request information as to how you intend to go about marketing, and having novel ideas and effective plans will set you apart from the rest of the applicants. Providing proof of your qualification for the task, either in the form of past experience or an academic degree, helps the company trust that you are capable of handling the work and worth the expenditure of resources. 
Affiliate-program Apps 
Several apps and other digital tools have been developed to assist companies in developing and finding participants for their affiliate programs. Refersion is a well-used app with top ratings that gives users the option to expand their affiliate programs by paying a subscription fee, and so is a good way to identify which companies have thriving programs. LeadDyno integrates users' accounts with their Shopify stores and is therefore a great link into the dropshipping market. Omnistar, Affiliatly, and Enlisty are other apps highly recommended to companies wishing to start affiliate programs. 
Finding a company's affiliate program 
Many companies include links to pages about becoming an affiliate on their company website, usually located somewhere out of the way such as the footnote. These will often include information on the benefits of joining their affiliate program, what you will need to know to become an affiliate, special requirements they may have for the job, and the procedure for signing up to be an affiliate. These companies include dropshipping suppliers such as AliDropshipping and of course CJ Dropshipping.



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