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How to Select the Right Drop Shipping Wholesaler

How to Select the Right Drop Shipping Wholesaler
CJJan. 11, 2019 07:53:522709

Finding a reliable wholesaler/supplier is one of the most important things of your dropshipping business. No matter how attracting your products are and how many orders you can receive daily, your business can be ruined totally one day if your supplier fails in his duty.


In this article, we will introduce some tips to you on getting a suitable supplier for your products and the benefits CJ can offer to you.



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To start with, you need to search drop shipping suppliers when you determined your niche. There are more than thousands of suppliers at home and abroad. In the course of your search, be sure you will check your chosen company in all popular social media platforms, where you can view the comments from other clients of that company. This is really helpful to you!


Spotting no bad reviews about the candidate company, then you can move on to contact them. During this period, you should determine the product prices and shipping time, which are two crucial factors of great influence. A good price and fast delivery service can maximize your profit and satisfy your customers.



After that, we would suggest that you order some samples from that company. It helps to know the product quality, the package service and test their delivery efficiency. Make sure everything will go well with your clients, or you would be at risk of losing them.


Finally, you can proceed to set up a business relationship with your favored company by placing trial orders. If all your clients are delighted with their orders and you do have a wonderful experience of the service your partner provides, a full-on cooperation starts then.


However, with the advent and development of CJDropshipping, things will be easier and simplified. You may wonder why it is possible? Since most drop shipping dealers start from working with AliExpress, a comparison with it will be made to analyze our advantages.



First, a competitive price. Almost all products in our platform are lower priced than AliExpress.


Second, multiple shipping choices. Apart from ePacket, there are other options that our clients can choose. Also, our CJ Packet usually can give you a cheaper price and a shorter shipping time.


Third, excellent service. Not only can we offer you a good service, but also you can enjoy various additional services, like custom labeling and logo engraving, etc.


There's always more for you to explore. View our website at app.cjdropshipping.com and give it a shot!



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