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How Does CJ Calculate the Shipping Price?

How Does CJ Calculate the Shipping Price?
CJMay. 08, 2017 06:02:234251

Today, we talk about the dropship shipping price calculation so that we can make sure our customers know our company like the back of our hand.

First of all, there are four kinds of shipping price:

1) Free shipping;

2) China post registered air mail;

3) ePackect (US, New Zealand, Russia);

4) ePackect (Non-US, New Zealand, Russia).

There is different dropship  price among those kinds, specifically showed as follows (USD):

Free shipping Basic Price
China post registered air mail Basic Price+1.6USD
ePackect (US, New Zealand, Russia) Basic Price+2.3USD
ePackect(Non-US, New Zealand, Russia) Basic Price+4.2USD

PS: Basic price= products wholesale price + the shipping cost corresponding to the products weight

If the packet is overweight or too big, the price will calculate in the other way.

For example, the basic price sometimes equal to the free shipping price(China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus).

If one product price is 1 USD/piece, then we can ship by China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus for free which will not contain tracking information.

If you want to ship via China post registered air mail, you should pay 1.6USD extra, so the total price is 1+1.6=2.6USD.

If you want to use ePacket shipping to the USA, New Zealand, Russia, then you need pay 2.3 USD extra,  it should be 1+2.3=3.3USD.

If you buy 2 pieces products and ship to one address, you just calculate the shipping price one time(1+1+2.3=3.6USD).

If you want to use ePacket to a certain country except USA, New Zealand, Russia, you need to pay 4.2USD extra, the total price is 5.2USD.

All in all, the price formula is: basic price*quantity + shipping method.

And after a few days, the shipping Price of ePacket to the USA will adjust, totally increased 0.2 USD. This is an adjustment in the whole domestic area. And do not worry about the change time, we will announce here or directly contact with you.
Thank you for your time and attention.



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