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6 Reasons to Choose CJdropshipping Instead of AliExpress

6 Reasons to Choose CJdropshipping Instead of AliExpress
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contacting with multiple vendors.


To make things better, CJ will help you combine your orders and put different products in one package, so your customer will be receiving the package with all his products in it. And for you, it is also a save on shipping fees and a higher customer satisfaction rate.


What’s worth noting is that CJ also helps you source products. You can post sourcing request on CJ website and after 24-48 working hours, CJ presents you with different price options and with a lower price than Aliexpress or eBay. Making your store more competitive.



Both AliExpress and CJdropshipping do not require a set-up fee or monthly fee. But when it comes to the product prices, CJ is usually lower than on AliExpress for the same item. To understand this, you need to first get to know the different mechanisms of CJ and AliExpress. When an order is made, AliExpress will charge 5%-8% commission fee. Apart from this, trademark authorization fee, which is charged annually, is also an extra cost for vendors to sell on AliExpress. These fees, of course, will finally be added to the product price.


On the other hand, CJ works in a more efficient and also ore cost-effective way. There is no extra costs like commission fee or annual charges. By cooperating with more than 200 factories, CJ is able to cut down the overall costs and provide drop shippers with more competitive product prices.



Payment Method

Situations occur when AliExpress rejects your payment because the specific vendor you are working with doesn’t support this payment method. And sometimes AliExpress rejects your payments when you place a lot of orders because of security reasons or system errors. This can bring your business to a screeching halt causing refund requests from angry customers.



With CJ, however, you are free to choose from 8 most popular paying methods covering more than 200 countries. For authorized clients, CJ also accept COD (Cash on Delivery).




Apart from product price, shipping is also an important factor in dropshipping, which will make or break your business.


You will find that the shipping fees show on AliExpress are usually much cheaper than CJdropshipping, some even provide free delivery. But is there anything really free besides sunshine and breeze? Of course not. The shipping price on AliExpress is included in the product price. This is one reason why AliExpress’ total dropshipping prices are higher than CJdropshipping.


Shipping carriers and fees on Aliexpress


Shipping carriers and fees on CJdropshipping




Product listing

There are more than 2.5 billion products listed on AliExpress, which makes AliExpress an indisputably wonderful platform for finding winning products and test orders when starting your business. But once you have found a winning product and you are trying to scale your business, Aliexpress is no longer a good choice for several reasons.


Firstly, there are many e-commerce stores that began with AliExpress who turned to us to scale their business. To cover up the flaws, we provided sourcing services to help to find their winning products. CJ is working on implementing a supplier plan where suppliers will be able to post products on CJ. Once this feature is launched, our product listing will be able to compete with AliExpress.



AliExpress is a good choice for beginners to start dropshipping. But when you are scaling up your business, AliExpress seems not so “user-friendly” . Whether you are a dropshipping newbie that are still considering on your supplier or a dropshipping veteran looking to scale your business , it’s important to open to different dropshipping options and make comparisons.




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