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How to Write Awesome Dropshipping Product Descriptions That Sell

How to Write Awesome Dropshipping Product Descriptions That Sell
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With all that has been going on, online shopping has been notably increasing. However, that doesn't mean that online stores will have it easy. Yes, people have been shopping online more, but we can't forget reduced spending on all non-essential items.


People may be browsing on the internet more, but if you want them to buy your products, you need to win them over. That's why you need well-written product descriptions.


Compelling product descriptions will make your products worthy of customers' attention and increase your conversions.


However, writing a product description is so much more than listing a product's features. According to a study, product listings with a product description had a 78% increase in conversions compared to those that just used the manufacturer's specifications or trust badges.


To make a sale, you need a convincing copy that will entice the consumers to click that "add to cart" button.


If you want your dropshipping products to stand out, use the following writing tips when crafting product descriptions.


Collect all essential information from the supplier

An incomplete product description will drive away customers instantly. If your product description leaves even a single relevant question unanswered, you can lose a customer.


Rarely who will contact customer service to get more information? They'll simply move on and purchase a product elsewhere.


Make sure that you include all the necessary information that you can collect from the supplier's specifications.


For example, if you sell apparel, ask the seller for the size charts. That simple addition can make a world of difference.


If needed, you can even ask the supplier additional questions. Don’t shy away from doing that. Bear in mind that the more relevant details you include, you'll get that sales rate going up.


Check product descriptions on other e-commerce platforms

Doing some research on the competition can reveal your opportunities for improvement.


Prior to writing a product description for a product, open your browser. Look into descriptions of that product on Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, and other platforms to see if you're missing any information.


Pay attention to reviews as they can unravel customers' pain points and what the product description is missing. The competitors' weak points can become your strong points.


Check out how the best dropshippers in your niche approach their product descriptions, and you can inspire some ideas. Revising competitors' descriptions will help you find a way to distinguish yourself.


Adapt writing style and tone for the target audience

Writing in a language style and tone of your targeted consumers will make that description more appealing to them. What's more, it will make your product descriptions stand out.


Take the dropshipping store BlueCrate as an example. They are one of the most popular dropshipping businesses out there, and here’s one of the reasons why.


Their product descriptions are engaging, thanks to their unique writing style. The descriptions perfectly align with their brand identity – friendly, fun, and authentic.


This kind of uniqueness is what the consumers will fall for.


Forget about robotic language and generic descriptions. The value of the description is that it allows you to express yourself and charm consumers with original writing.


You can check out forums, social media, and reviews of the type of products you sell. The comment/review section can show you what kind of language your target audience users.




Segment the content

Did you know that 79% of people always scan the page they came across, but only 16% of them read every word?


This astonishing statistic explains the importance of scannable content. Make the description readable and skimmable by segmenting information.


Clear and organized segments will help consumers find the information they want in a second. Besides, the product description won't look overwhelming. The segments will turn it into an easy read.


MiniSmartWorld's product descriptions are a great example of segmented content. You can skim all the information and spot any specific in a heartbeat.


So, how to segment your content?


Have a few compelling sentences to describe the product. Follow up those sentences with bullet points that provide quick access to key information.


Some other tips for segmented and scannable product descriptions are:


● Keep the paragraphs/segments up to 2 sentences.

● Highlight the keywords with bold text.

● Describe one idea per segment.

● Start with the most relevant information.


Provide social proof

Not many people will give money to a stranger without anyone to vouch for them. How can you expect that consumers will buy your products without any proof of credibility?


Customer reviews have a significant impact on potential customers' purchasing decisions. In fact, 72% of consumers won't take any buying actions until they've read the reviews.


Showcase testimonials of satisfied customers to make the description more trustworthy.


If consumers have to search for reviews online, who knows if they'll come back. They can get so caught up in hunting for testimonials that they can lose interest in your product.


Simply add reviews or testimonials from real customers that show people's satisfaction with your products. Here's how Cats on Catnip does it:




Express benefits

A product description shouldn't be just a list of features. Not if you want to sell more products. To boost that conversion rate, use the product description to provide a solution to your customers' problems, desires, and needs.


Explain why your product is worth purchasing. Give potential customers a good reason to give that product a try.


All the effort you invest in marketing and driving traffic with guest posting websites like Linksmanagement can be in vain. Without a product description that promises a solution, consumers won’t have a good enough reason to buy that product.


Specifications won't help you seal the deal that easily. But painting a picture of a better life or happiness that your products provide can.


Before you get to features, hook the consumers in with advantages. Write benefits such as "time-saver," "perfect gift," etc. Explain what makes that product a "must-have" for the consumer. For example:


How to come up with the triggering benefits, you ask?


Focus on answering the following questions:


● Who is the target audience for this product?


● What are their primary pain points?


● How can the product improve their life?


● What makes this product unique?


Once you have the answers to these questions, you will be able to write down the benefits in no time.


Combine power words and urgency

Using power words and evoking urgency are known to be successful in writing tactics for increasing conversions. Mix the two methods (carefully), and you can write some impactful product descriptions.


Certain words trigger emotion in people, while words that build up urgency can speed up the purchasing decision.


Some of the impactful power words that SmartBlogger mentions are:

● Amazing

● Belief

● Blissful

● Cheer

● Courage

● Daring

● Excited

● Faith

● Happy

● Hope

● Magic


Words that provoke urgency are:

● Now

● Close

● Suddenly

● Quick

● Approaching

● Rapidly


Sprinkle these words throughout the copy to make it look natural. Don't force the words just for the sake of increasing sales, as that can destroy the text's flow. 




Follow these guidelines and write attention-grabbing product descriptions that will sell your dropshipping products. If you apply these tips strategically, you can craft a product description that consumers won't be able to resist. Don't miss this chance to turn the product descriptions into your best sales agents.




This post was provided by guest author Marques Coleman.


BIO: Marques Coleman is a professional writer who specializes in marketing and copywriting. Brands and business owners rely on his expertise to create compelling content that will win over their audience. Marques is also working as an editor for Subjecto.com, a free source of flashcards for students and essay samples. When he is not working, Marques dedicates all his free time to traveling and exploring new destinations.