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How Much Will US Consumer Spend on Halloween? Amazon VS Shopify Who has More Traffic? ... This Week's Dropshipping News!

How Much Will US Consumer Spend on Halloween? Amazon VS Shopify Who has More Traffic? ... This Week's Dropshipping News!
CJSep. 29, 2021 05:25:30990

Dropshipping News Weekly Update Vol.18. Here are five pieces of dropshipping news for you to catch up with.


Amazon and eBay account for more than half of the market share in Europe

The Cross-Border Commerce Europe report shows that in 2020, the European cross-border e-commerce market including the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Norway had sales of 198.5 billion euros, of which 115.4 billion euros came from e-commerce platforms. Among them, Amazon and eBay had the largest share, with 44.3 billion euros and 22.8 billion euros respectively, occupying more than half of the European market share. In addition, China's AliExpress (second place) and Alibaba website (12th place) were also popular among European consumers, ranking relatively high.


Shopify's single-season visits surpassed Amazon for the first time

According to data from Similarweb on September 23, Shopify’s average monthly unique visitors in the second quarter of this year reached 1.16 billion, and Amazon’s number of visitors was 1.10 billion. Shopify surpassed Amazon for the first time. Similarweb expects this gap to continue to widen, Shopify will attract 1.22 billion visitors in the future, while Amazon will attract only 1.13 billion.



U.S. consumers will spend $10.1 billion on Halloween

According to a survey by the National Retail Federation (NRF), US consumer spending on Halloween-related goods this year is expected to hit a record high of 10.14 billion U.S. dollars, which is much higher than the 2020 level of 8.05 billion U.S. dollars. Compared with the same period last year, the number of people planning to celebrate Halloween in the United States this year has increased. 65% of Americans plan to celebrate or participate in Halloween events, which is close to the pre-epidemic level (68%). At the same time, this year's consumers also plan to start shopping for Halloween earlier than ever. 45% of consumers said they plan to start shopping for Halloween products this month, and 39% plan to start shopping in the first two weeks of October.


To prevent fraud, Google will open the historical advertising information of advertisers to users

As frauds on the platform have been reported, Google will begin to provide users with more information about advertisers. Google’s "About this ad" menu will display basic information about the advertiser, as well as all other ads they have placed in the past 30 days, to help users better judge whether the advertiser is trustworthy.


Southern California port congestion sets record

Shipping logistics giant Maersk predicts that serious congestion in major global cargo ports will continue at least until the end of this year. As the autumn and winter shopping season approached, a large number of merchants began to place orders in advance to prepare goods, which put further pressure on the cargo routes from Asia to the United States. Due to rising shipping costs, some US retailers are planning to raise prices, and American consumers will spend more on holidays at the end of this year.



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