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How After Sales Service Creates Loyalty and Leads

How After Sales Service Creates Loyalty and Leads
CJAug. 15, 2017 07:37:341019

Most people end meetings with familiar sentiments like, "Keep in touch" , "Let’s do this again sometime" , and "Give me a call sometime next week." A sale should follow a similar progression. Marketers should never be content with a no-strings-attached, have-a-nice-day handshake at the end of the sale. 




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Why? Because today's best marketers don't just sell; they also build relationships with customers. Contrary to popular belief, staying in touch with your customers isn't just for your sake – it's also for your customer's sake. There are many ways to serve your customers well after a sale by helping them to continually get the most out of your service or product. The small business owners create post-transaction touchpoints and after-sales service practices that ensure they're offering the best experience they can to their customers, all while keeping their brand top of mind. These marketing habits boost both loyalty and upselling ability. They also add to the value of the originally purchased product or service. There was a reason that your customers bought, and there's a way to “wow” them after the sale is complete with excellent follow-up services and products. By doing so, you give them more proverbial bang for their buck. Engaging customers in this way mutually benefit both of you in the long run. While customers get extra value with after-sales services and products, your company gets a leg up in its quest to recruit an army of brand ambassadors and trusted voices who can provide feedback on new products, services, initiatives, and more. Surely the primary goal of after-sales service, first and foremost, is to best take care of your customers. Secondarily, after-sales service is meant to build loyalty and trust, which leads to even more valuable customers. If you're able to create an experience that “wows” or impresses customers, you've put your sales team in a prime position to grow the value of those customers. What do we mean by that? Well, wowed customers are very much on deck for any or all of the following sales strategies:

1. Product and service pairings: Companies with multiple product or service offerings probably see common pairings or combinations. When someone buys a new smartphone, for example, they often pair it with a case, headphones or a number of other accessories to enhance their experience with the product. What can you pair with a sale to enrich your customer's experience with the product or service you offer?


2. Upsell (plus warranties and special services): Upselling may carry a negative connotation. But, as seen with product and service pairings, selling an accompaniment to a product or service is meant mainly to ensure that a customer's experience is positive. Salespeople and customers alike should be cognizant of higher-priced offerings and the advantages of those offerings, as it may not be the ground-floor offering that's best for their particular vertical. Also, consider matching products with extended warranties, special maintenance services, and other programs which, again, create a better overall experience for the customer.


3. New products and services: Past and current customers should be the first to know about new product and service rollouts. That group, after all, is your ambassadorship and a more than capable vehicle for reaching new business. Honor them by breaking the news to them and watch as they engage with your brand.


4. Customer loyalty program: Do you have perks or rewards for your customers? Customer loyalty programs aren't new, but they're awfully effective at maintaining engagement between brand and buyer, all while encouraging sales. If you don't already have one in place, brainstorm ways you could start and how it could aid both your customers and your bottom line.



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