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Print on Demand


Print on Demand Feature is Available Now!

Print on Demand Feature is Available Now!
CJDec. 06, 2018 09:49:322126

Hey guys, there is good news for you! Print on Demand feature is available now!





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That is, you can provide private custom design to CJ to build your own brand and satisfy your customers. So what is print on demand?


Simply to say, we print logos, photos or others as you demand. It mainly has two purposes of custom design, one is to build the brand for shop owners and the other is to satisfy shop customers. Anyway, it will be fulfilled by CJDropshipping. 

The purpose of custom design:
  • to build brand


We all know, there are lots of similar products in the market. Maybe they use the same materials or the same techniques, but why are we so familiar with the brands like Chanel or Dior? It’s not only because of their famous reputation but also due to their impressive logo. It is none other than the meaning of custom design, to build a brand. Not only big companies has its own brands, retailers and shop owners also need to build their own brand to tell customers the products is sold by them. The brand, logo and private design automatically choose loyal customers for you with years going by.
  • to satisfy your customers


Your customers may require custom design on the product he buys. If you have no idea how to fulfill it or need to cooperate with another part, it will cause two results: lose your customer or spend too much energy and money. But CJDropshipping solves the problem for you.
Thus CJdropshipping is trying to fulfill Print on Demand service for you guys. And it comes true now and will get better. Print on Demand feature is available to most of the products, pls check at the website https://app.cjdropshipping.com/.



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