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Print on Demand VS Dropshipping? CJ Dropshipping Help in Branding Your Business

Print on Demand VS Dropshipping? CJ Dropshipping Help in Branding Your Business
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Print on demand business is an easy to start business model for those who want to build their own brand, when branding is usually an unskippable part to grow a high profit and long-term running business. In this, I am going to talk about what is print on demand, the pros and cons, and what you can expect from CJ print on demand, as well as how you can brand your business with CJ’s custom design services.


What is Print On Demand(POD)?


Print on Demand, POD for short is a business service that allows you to sell your own custom designs on various types of products. The most typical products are printed t-shirts, they are easy to design and sell, other hot products are mugs, backpacks, jewelry, phone cases, canvas and the like. And you can make a print on demand of any products you’d like to, like these print on demand face masks for the current special circumstance.



Pros and Cons of Print On Demand


In this part, I am talking about the pros and cons of print on demand on CJ Dropshipping. Because CJ print on demand service fulfilled within CJ system, so it shares all the pros and cons of dropshipping, such as very few initial funds required, you don’t need to handle the fulfillment yourself and so on, you can check our previous article Whats the Pros and Cons of Dropshipping? for further information of the pros and cons of dropshipping. So CJ print on demand has some common pros and cons compares with other POD websites, meanwhile we have our own strong points.


Pros of CJ Print On Demand



1) You’ll Have Your Own Custom Products:

If you’re a graphic designer or full of creative ideas, designing your own products can be a fun experience. And it’s a great sense of achievement to have someone buy a product that you designed yourself.


2) Easy in Building a Brand:

You are selling unique products that customers find nowhere but your store to buy, so it’s much easier to build a brand of your own. With CJ custom logo and packaging service, you can have your own custom product, logo, and package, which leave an impression to the customer you have a factory to produce your products, makes your products more reliable, which benefits in long-term business.


3) Low Product Cost and Shipping Costs(Compared to Other Websites) - High-Profit Margin:

The cost could be a con of print on demand on other websites because they charge very high for the product cost and shipping costs to maintain the running of the whole system and processing team, but CJ print on demand shares the online system and fulfillments as well as shipping of CJ group, so we add no extra fees to POD products, product price is very competitive, and shipping fees are some as ordinary dropshipping products.


Product prices on other POD website



Product price on CJ Dropshipping


And you can make a decent profit by pricing the products as you like, you will not worry about customers complaining and asking for refunds when they find the same product cheaper on Amazon or anywhere, because you are selling unique products designed by yourself.



4) CJ Print On Demand Allows Your Customers to Do The Design for Each Order:

If you list a POD product to your store, (and by the way, currently the POD products are only available to be listed to Shopify stores) your customers are able to design on the product themselves on your store, you need not do any extra settings. It is a wonderful feature if you are running a gift store, cuz people love these custom gifts which are unique in the world.



5) Professional POD Group Offer One to One Support:

If you have any problems with CJ POD service, you can find our POD customer support team on https://pod.cjdropshipping.com/, get professional support by clicking the chat icon on the left bottom.


Cons of Print On Demand



1) You Need to Have Strong Design Skills and Know the Market Well at The Same Time:

If you’re a graphic designer looking to monetize your talent, a print on demand business is just for you. But if you are a dropshipping beginner, and have not so many fancy designs, it is not advised to try the print on demand at the very beginning of your business. Your customers can spot a real graphic designer’s work versus an amateur’s. If you have the skill and a strong understanding of what your customers want, you’ll do well. But if you don’t, your sales performance will likely not be good. There’s no guarantee that your design will be profitable and resonate with your audience, and this will harm your entrepreneurial enthusiasm from the start. So it is better to gain some experience of online business before trying the print on demand.


2) Limited Product Selection:

Compared with normal dropshipping products, print on demand tends to have limited product selections. Because products suitable for customized are limited, more important is, suppilers who support custom design with no MOQ requirement are quite a small group. Now you can find hundreds of POD products in 13 categories on CJ, but if you do not find the product you want to sell, just post a product sourcing request marked with POD, and our sourcing team will try the best the find a supplier for you.


3) Longer Processing Time:

There is no inventory for all of the print on demand products because they should be designed first, then produced, so it takes a longer time for processing than those are stocked in CJ warehouse. The processing time varies from 4-10 days, for myself, I think it’s not a long time for customized products.




Print on demand is an excellent way to build a brand, especially go with custom logo and packaging, but if you’re not a graphic designer or with limited fancy design ideas, and don’t know the market well, it is better to think twice before launching a POD business with products designed by yourself. Any way you can run a POD gift store that allows your customers to do the design themselves, CJ POD makes it easy and simple for you.



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