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The Solution of Required Tax Number for Parcels to Brazil

The Solution of Required Tax Number for Parcels to Brazil
CJDec. 24, 2019 08:32:132713

Due to the requirements of Brazil Correios, all parcels can be shipped to Brazil only after filling in the tax number first. For fulfilling these orders, we have to sync your orders with the tax number.


We heard from some customers that there is no section for filling in tax numbers in Shopify store and Shopify won't add it recently. Therefore, we give this solution for shipping parcels successfully.


When your customers are placing orders, you can tell them to fill in the tax number in the Company field. Then your orders can be synced to CJ normally with the tax ID.

Some of you may customize the cart page and it will show CPF instead of Company as the picture indicates. It's also possible for us to sync the information after filling in that field.

We learned that there are two kinds of Tax Number: CPF for individual taxpayers and CNPJ for companies.


The corresponding formats are relatively: 000.000.000-00 and 00.000.000/0000-00, which both can be recognized normally.