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Why Listing to eBay Store Fails and What Should I Do?

Why Listing to eBay Store Fails and What Should I Do?
CJ2019-09-24 17:29:1956

Have you ever failed to list CJ products to your eBay store?


If you have an eBay store connected with CJDropshipping and suffered several listing failures, you may need to read this article.


As you may know, there are a few restrictions from the eBay platform. That's the reason why some of you always keep failing to list our products to your stores. For those issues, we cannot fix these problems for you. What we can do is to provide some suggestions for you.

These days, we have collected many issues of listing CJDropshipping products to your eBay stores. As for these issues shown below, we will provide possible solutions and suggestions.


Let's have a look at what the issues and suggestions are.

1. The selected category is not enabled for variation listings

That indicates the product's category is not enabled to be listed. In such cases, our suggestion is to try different categories of the product. Besides, you can go to My CJ-Products and click "Add Automatic Connection". Then, the categories in your store will be synced.


2. The category selected is not a leaf category.
It seems a little similar to the first issue which is unable for variation listings. Therefore, for the possible solution, you can refer to the first suggestion that you change different categories to have more tries. If it still doesn't work, please contact eBay platform for how to resolve it.




3. You don't accept the International Selling Agreement. 

Just as the tip shows, you can not list items on another site when you don't accept the International Selling Agreement. If you don't know where to accept the International Selling Agreement, we recommend you turn to help from eBay customer service.


4. The title and/or description may contain improper words or the listing or seller may be in violation of eBay policy. 

When you meet such a situation, try to learn about the eBay platform policy and then do it manually. You can upload the product to your store by yourself in compliance with eBay policy. Then connect the product with that of CJDropshipping.


5. You are going to exceed the limited number of items and amount you can list.
 According to eBay, you can only list up to 342 more items and 17,300.06 US dollars in total sales a month. You need to take this limitation into consideration and reduce the quantity. Please go to your eBay store to have a check on that and take measures for it.





6. The email address you entered isn't linked to a Paypal account. When you receive such an error tip, please go to check whether your email address is matched with your Paypal account according to what is shown on the page.




7. The email address you entered cannot be used for Paypal payments at this time. We, CJDropshipping, can do nothing about this issue. That requires you to turn to help from eBay platform or Paypal company even your email server. Make it clear why your email address cannot be used after which you can start your eBay dropshipping business.


8. The format of the PayPal email address is not valid. Please make sure the PayPal email address is correct when you receive such an error tip.


9. A lot of information missing. The last issue we collected seems like a tech issue. And you need to ask the eBay customer service what these codes mean and how to solve them. If you don't want to ask them or they can not provide a good answer, we do recommend you to reconnect your eBay store and try again.


All the error tips will appear when you fail to list our products to your eBay stores. But it varies according to different causes. What you need to do is to read the tips carefully and take action to fix it. No matter you do it on your own or turn to eBay customer service, please take some measures that you can start your business ASAP.

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