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TOP 10 Best Wholesale Suppliers for Dropshipping on eBay

TOP 10 Best Wholesale Suppliers for Dropshipping on eBay
CJ2021-03-29 14:27:11614

This post will be relevant, first of all, for eBay sellers who are searching for the best wholesale suppliers for dropshipping on eBay. However, below, we will mention reputable and certified wholesale distributors. Therefore e-sellers from other marketplaces like Shopify, Amazon, Aliexpress, etc. can use them as well.


Let's start with understanding the concept of dropshipping suppliers better. For those who run dropshipping stores, it's, in general, crucial to deal only with reliable suppliers. The suppliers are responsible for many functions: they stock the inventory, they are responsible for product quality, shipping, etc. But it isn't everything. Their role is even bigger when it comes to the dropshipping policy of the marketplace you sell on. Why?


Why do dropshippers search for eBay wholesale suppliers?

The eBay dropshipping policy that was released in January of 2019 changed the role of the dropshipping suppliers. Starting from that time, eBay allows dropshipping using only the wholesale suppliers.


Previously, eBay didn't limit the sources for its sellers. Therefore, this change in policy put dropshipping from suppliers like Amazon or Walmart, quite famous retailers, against eBay's terms of service. To continue sourcing from the retailers goes together with a risk to get some of your listings canceled or ended, and a restriction for your eBay selling store.


Is Dropshipping Allowed on eBay?

Yes, it is. In 2019, eBay has released a new policy compromising many drop shipping businesses. With this, the marketplace clearly supports dropshipping only if you are sourcing directly from wholesale suppliers and not from other retailers. In that definition, somebody would say “dropshipping is dead!”, but is it true? The fact is most dropshippers use other retailers to purchase the items and then the retailers deliver the packages.




Policies of Corporates Like eBay Changes All The Time…

“…Dropshipping sellers around the world started reporting that they are having issues like losing sales. Their products are not getting any more views.”

Surely, most of us can understand those issues. No matter either you are a newbie in dropshipping or already a legend in this kind of business. eBay changes its policies every time to an extent that sellers should find another path to success. Well, no one can blame the world's online marketplace for its attempts to make eBay a better place for buying and selling. Back in the past, it was easier to sell. However, now you've already spent so much time and effort and nothing is happening. Why?


How Do We Deal With The New eBay Dropshipping Policy?

So, how are we supposed to deal with the new eBay dropshipping policy? No worries! AT DSM Tool we constantly lookout for ways out of sticky situations and help you grow your eBay dropshipping business in new ways.

To put things right, first, we called eBay customer support to learn if dropshippers can still sell products by working with a supplier providing a reseller or drop shipping agreement. Regardless of the process of selling is still the same, the fact that you have a reseller agreement from your supplier makes it completely legitimate and is allowed by eBay.

Thus, finding a dropship supplier that gives you a reseller agreement is the solution to solve the issue with the legitimacy of your dropshipping business.

However, nobody wants to put their stores at the risk of losing potential sales due to policy violations. That's why the Dropship Academy prepared for you the list of the best wholesale suppliers for dropshipping. Here they are.


The Top 10 Best Wholesale Suppliers for eBay Dropshipping

Usually, the wholesale distributors sell in big quantities to other businesses, for example, to retailers.  However, it doesn't mean that from now on you would need to buy the big quantities of products, thinking where to store them and how to sell them. No, the time changes. The wholesalers, nowadays, can also sell small product quantities, and even a single item. Just different certified wholesale distributors can offer different conditions.


So what are they? What are these eBay wholesale suppliers?


#1 CJdropshippping – best wholesale supplier for dropshippers

CJdropshippping is one of the top wholesale websites for dropshippers which is based in China. In the nutshell, it is a dropshipping platform that provides various dropshipping services including product sourcing, order processing, shipping services, product branding, customized packing, and some other useful features for the e-sellers.


The CJ Dropshipping platform can be connected with eBay, Shopify, Woocommerce, Shipstation, Lazada, and Shopee right from their site. Besides, 29 CJ warehouses, which are situated all around the world, helps to provide faster international shipping. Along with CJ Packet, the special air delivery line they created just for that.


Overall, CJdropshipping counts with about 400,000 products for drop shipping across various categories. Additionally, their users can source products on request from Aliexpress, 1688, Shopify, Taobao, or ask CJ manufacturers to produce the specific items for them for free.


Regarding the prices,  CJ Dropshipping provides dropshipping products at wholesale prices without purchasing a big amount of their stock beforehand. Therefore, you get affordable prices for wholesale products there.



#2 Chinabrands – one of the top wholesale websites

Chinabrands is the world-leading eBay wholesale supplier, which is also based in China. This is a platform for dropshippers that provides the reselling agreement that allows their wholesale products on other marketplaces.




One can find millions of dropshipping products on Chinabrands that can be shipped from 46 of their warehouses, located in the USA, Europe, North America, Russia, and Australia. In addition to the wholesale prices, their products pass by by 3-layer quality inspection.


They do not offer free international shipping. However, they ship to 250 countries within 16-35 days (depends on the warehouse).



#3 Costway – one of the US best wholesale suppliers

Costway is one of the top wholesale websites in North America and Europe. They sell everything people need starting from business activities to daily life whether that's home and garden items to sports and hardware equipment, from auto parts to DIY projects all the way to business and industry products. Costway is a dropshipping-friendly supplier that offers a reselling agreement. Costway orders come in packages with Costway logos but without invoices.