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Which Situation Is Suitable for Dropshipping?

Which Situation Is Suitable for Dropshipping?
CJJun. 02, 2017 07:34:03328

Nowadays the dropshipping business is becoming more and more popular. And what kind of situation are really suitable to do dropshipping business is an significant question to be discussed.

For example, a lot of American or Australian sellers can not compete with Chinese sellers on eBay for cheap, lightweight items. The only way for American or Australian sellers to consistently do well on eBay is to either sell goods that Chinese sellers do not have access to, or heavy items that makes more sense to import by sea. There are some sellers who import lightweight items from China and sell locally on eBay. But those kinds of sellers usually depend on Express shipping or very low profit margins to get more sales.

And if the sellers drop shipping from China to USA via ePacket, then the shipping price is 2.3usd for lightweight package. And it is around 15usd should be charge if you use the ePacket to deliver 1kg goods. So for the lightweight products, the best solution is drop shipping from China.

In a word, if you want do business in lightweight products, it is a wise way to drop shipping from China land.

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