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Shopee Poland officially opened! Etsy launches new feature to help sellers set prices! | Dropshipping Weekly News

Shopee Poland officially opened! Etsy launches new feature to help sellers set prices! | Dropshipping Weekly News
CJOct. 14, 2021 02:11:051075

Dropshipping News Weekly Update Vol.19. Here are five pieces of dropshipping news for you to catch up with.


Etsy launches new feature to help sellers set prices for products

Etsy recently introduced a new feature called national and global pricing. It would allow sellers to set one price for domestic sales and a different price for foreign sales. Etsy said the feature is not currently available for sellers in the US and India and is only available in export-focused countries. Volume/quick edits are not yet available to sellers who can use the feature, nor are they available to sellers in listings of more than 400 products. However, the feature will be improved soon and Etsy hopes to serve more sellers in the future.


eBay’s free return program

In order to encourage sellers to provide free return service, eBay launched the promotion plan of free return service and rewarded sellers to set up free return service. The activity is invitation-only. Sellers can check their email or go to the marketing page of the seller Center for details of the activity.



Newegg pilot live shopping platform

Newegg Commerce Inc. is currently testing interactive live shopping experiences based on mobile apps. The online consumer electronics retailer is testing a platform called Newegg Live. The platform enables customers to interact with the hosts while accessing exclusive live deals that are only available on mobile devices during the live broadcast. On September 1, 2021, Newegg previewed the new live stream to an audience of over 10,000 users, showcasing 20 products in a 90-minute event. During the current beta phase, Newegg expects to broadcast Live Newegg Live events every week, and then expand the promotion later in the fourth quarter of 2021.


SwipBox Infinity self-handling cabinet will land in Israel! The first batch is about 100!

ORIAN has announced a partnership with package locker and software operator SwipBox to launch lnfinity self-pick in Israel, AMZ123 has heard. The self-lift cabinet will be battery-powered and operate via a Bluetooth connection, requiring no external power or instant Internet connection.

Itamar Lamdan, ORIAN's business development manager, said consumers are increasingly demanding last-mile delivery services as e-commerce booms. SwipBox Infinity Self-pick will offer innovative services to Israeli online shoppers and logistics carriers.

According to Mark Yeoman, SwipBox's business development manager, the ORIAN deal is the first step in the company's expansion beyond Europe, where it has already stocked thousands of Infinity boxes.

AMZ123 learned that the first batch of self-pick cabinets, about 100 units, will be installed in some cities in Israel in early 2022, in residential buildings, gas stations, shopping malls, and other densely populated areas. It will be rolled out in more Israeli cities in the future if consumers respond well to it.


Shopee Poland officially opened! InPost is responsible for delivery completion

Shopee Poland has been in operation since September 20 this year, but the official launch of sales in Poland was not announced until recently. On October 10, Shopee held a grand event to celebrate its official opening. Shopee had been recruiting Polish sellers as early as this summer, the report said. Until the second half of September, Shopee Poland officially launched, allowing Polish consumers to buy Chinese products and enjoy free shipping.

In addition, Shopee will soon launch its website and App in Spain, its second stop in Europe after Poland.

Currently, Shopee's Spanish website has not been officially launched, but it has opened an Instagram account and released a video on August 8 to promote the news of the upcoming launch and free shipping discount.



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