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Amazon updates FBA shipment policy! eBay predicts 2022 popular kitchen appliances | eCommerce News

Amazon updates FBA shipment policy! eBay predicts 2022 popular kitchen appliances | eCommerce News
CJJan. 26, 2022 10:06:331159


eCommerce News Weekly Update Vol 34.


This week we prepared five eCommerce news for you to catch up with.



1.eBay becomes the preferred shopping platform for Italians, 3 categories recommended

According to a Packlink survey, people from the northwest and southern regions of Italy under the age of 40 have been shopping online a lot lately, spending between 50 and 150 euros a month.


The main reason Italians choose to shop on eBay is said to be: the ability to get a higher quality shopping experience. About two-thirds of people say they can get more discounts when they shop on eBay.


Italians most often buy on eBay:

  • Clothing (bought by more than 57% of users).
  • Electronic devices (55.18 percent).
  • Books and video games (52%).


2. Amazon updates FBA shipment policy

Amazon issued an announcement that effective April 1, 2022, a seller's shipment may be rejected if the seller sends a canceled or deleted shipment to Amazon.


The seller's permission to send additional shipments to Amazon may also be restricted.


Amazon says the following actions will result in additional processing and rerouting that may delay the receipt and sale of a seller's inventory: removing shipments after they have been approved by the seller; sending shipments in error; and sending incomplete mailings, such as those in a canceled or deleted state.


3.eBay predicts 2022 popular kitchen appliances, air fryers become favorites!

With the development of science, smart kitchen appliances receive a lot of consumer love. eBay predicts several kitchen smart appliances that will be popular in 2022, based on sales data analysis.


· air fryers and ovens: multi-functional, multi-mode high-priced air fryers and ovens in 2022 will also receive the attention of consumers.


· blenders, chef machines, juicers: ingredient processing machines will also receive the popularity of European and American consumers.


· mini-fridge: consumers' desire for the outdoors is driving sales of car refrigerators and mini-fridges, in addition to beauty refrigerators, which are also categories that sellers can consider.


4. The U.S. live streaming e-commerce will have a "highlight" moment in 2022

According to eMarketer, live shopping in the U.S. is expected to boom in 2022 as Facebook, Amazon, TikTok, Twitter, and other tech giants ramp up their live shopping efforts.


Live-streaming is available in a wide range of verticals, such as fashion, beauty, fitness, and home decor, and is expanding into other areas, such as technology devices for men and equipment such as fitness products, which are also gaining traction.


5. The rise of "Retail Therapy" in the UK, 33% of consumers will shop online on Monday!

Recently, a study by the Manhattan Association showed that about 33% of British consumers shop online on Blue Monday to relieve their depressed mood.


Twenty-nine percent of respondents said they would be happy on a depressing day if retailers offered them specific discounts and deals on the day, which is also known as "Retail Therapy".


Clothes and electronic devices seem to be the items that bring the most happiness to consumers. Forty-six percent of consumers say they derive the most happiness from the act of buying clothes online. Another 34% added that buying electronic devices also made them feel very happy.



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